Athlete of the Week: Tabari Hines, South Florence

FLORENCE - When opponents punt to South Florence, opponents must watch out - or else Tabari Hines will make the team pay.

"The decision is made in a split second," said Hines, a junior wide receiver/kick returner. "Once I see a hole, I just try to get in it before everyone else closes up the gaps."

It's his bursts of speed that have helped the Bruins start most all of their possessions with good field position, and translate into scores. It's also no coincidence South Florence is 8-0 this year. But Hines still thinks there should be some work to be done.

"I believe a little thing we have to work on is coming together as a team, keeping our composure, and then we can do some big things," he said.

And the successful product on the field hasn't slowed down Hines, whose only goals are to help the Bruins overall

"I'm just trying to keep myself together, stay healthy, and do what I can to help my team win a state championship," explained Hines.

Teammates will agree that he has succeeded on that front so far.

"A little five yard route he can turn into a big 70 yard explosion, so it's pretty nice," quarterback Nick Jones laughed.

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