Timmonsville begins looking for town revitalization

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - At a town hall meeting Timmonsville's mayor gave an update on the revitalization efforts in the town.

And community members got a chance to meet some of the candidates up for election this November.

Before the Timmonsville Community heard from some of the candidates they will have a chance to elect into office this November, Mayor Darrick Jackson gave an update on the revitalization efforts happening in the town.

"The Town of Timmonsville for eight years discontinued services from the South Carolina Department of Corrections for financial reason," said Mayor Darrick Jackson.

But now, since the town is no longer being forced to fix a broken water system, they can afford to pay for help cleaning up debris from the streets, cutting grass and trimming some of the overhanging weeds covering dilapidated properties downtown.

"We are working with a grant writer and we are looking at getting funding for the Town of Timmonsville to maybe refurbish the front of buildings," said Jackson.

And in addition to getting funding to update the properties along Main Street - town administrators are looking at hiring a code enforcer to help cut back on the amount of litter on the streets.

"There is a problem with people putting out couches," said Jackson.

When the Mayor finished community members met council seat hopefuls like Penny Hayes and Woodrow Thomas.

"One of the things is I'm not scared to get out there and get my hands dirty. I'm not a politician I'm a public servant," said Penny Hayes.

"Bring some economic development make it better for the town of Timmonsville," said Woodrow Thomas.

Mayoral candidate Billy Fowler did not participate in tonight's town hall meeting because he wanted the meeting to be held at town hall instead of a church.

Outside of the church, he said felt like the location was a direct violation of mixing church and state.

On November 5, the people of Timmonsville will vote to fill three council seats along with the mayoral chair.

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