Enrollment begins Thursday for new state-offered identity theft protection

MYRLTE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Enrollment in the next year of state-provided identity theft protection coverage, offered after a security breach compromised tax data, begins Thursday.

Citizens whose personal information was compromised in the 2012 South Carolina Department of Revenue security breach are eligible for 12 months of protection offered by CSID, according to the company's web page.

Enrollment begins October 24, 2013. From that date, citizens have until October 1, 2014 to enroll in the protection.

Waterway Financial Group Partner Chris Herath advises folks to take the free credit monitoring be offered through the state and to be proactive when applying for the service.

Herath said whether someone has bad credit or good credit signing up is important from helping to protect someone from identity theft. "Repairing your credit can be a very long term process. You can't just flip a switch it goes through months and even years," explained Herath.

CSID is offering protection services like child monitoring, online monitoring, and a social security number trace. The trace allows the company to find out if someone else is using your social security number.

According to Herath having the child monitoring is beneficial since thieves could attempt to steal a child's social security information leaving the child's credit in disarray.

CSID only uses one credit monitoring bureau where Experian the provider the state chose for the first year of free service offered all three.

In September, Experian declined to continue to offer its monitoring services to the state. Some Experian customers are receiving emails stating 99cents a month for monitoring services.

Learn more about the services officered by CSID, and return to this address Thursday to sign up for the next year of protection:

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