Governor Nikki Haley makes push for I-73

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - When Governor Nikki Haley made a stop through Horry County, she made her support for the future development of Interstate 73 known.

"What we're going to do is keep bringing in jobs and make sure we have enough for this area. And keep doing what we can to make it successful," explained Haley.

The Republican Governor went on to add the federal government would have to fund the two billion dollar 90 mile project through the state, but before that happens the permit has to be ready to go.

According to Congressman Tom Rice of the 9th District, the development of I-73 is something he has been working on since he stepped into office almost a year ago. "We've been having monthly meetings with the Corps of Engineers and DOT and DNR officials to get the permit in hand to be ready to move forward."

Congressman Rice said he expects news on the I-73 permit to be released sometime this coming Spring.

Leaders with the new Horry County business Bauschlinneman said having the interstate would give them more accessibility when it comes to transporting their products.

Bauschlinneman CFO Executive and Vice President, Bernhard Dupmeier said the interstate wasn't a deciding factor for the company. "It was not a requirement to have this, but it will be beneficial for our business."

Dupmeier went on to added it would be just beneficial for his company, but also others looking to relocate, "I just talked to a company who is thinking about locating in the area. That's one of the questions that came up. 'What kind of trucking service do you get', so I think its on many people's minds the people who are interested in locating here. How accessible is the area."

Not everyone is cheering on Governor Haley's comments of support when it comes to making I-73 a reality.

Nancy Cave is with the Coastal Conservation League they are on of the groups against the development of the interstate. She said the project would be detrimental to the area's wildlife, but also to tax payers as well.

"For a state and leaders who call themselves fiscal conservatives and called upon others to do so as well - spending billions of dollars we don't have and thinking about an interstate is not fiscally responsible," said Cave.

Cave said the Coastal Conservation League would first have to review the I-73 permit if its approved before appeal it.

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