Consider This: More jobs... Good news

Consider This: More jobs…Good news

For years Florence has been the industrial job center of the region luring major manufacturing operations because of access to I-20 and I-95, creative incentives and strong local leadership. Florence will continue to recruit new jobs… and it's nice to see that Horry County is finally joining the pack. That hasn't always been the case.

Consider This:

When we began building WMBF, with plans to add more than 80 jobs in the region, some local business leaders wouldn't even return my phone calls. That's a nice way to welcome a new industry. Thank goodness several of those people have retired and more progressive people have taken their place. Horry County obviously had to change its strategy if it wanted to add more jobs and that has happened. With the recent announcement of Ithaca Guns moving to the region, there is real traction on the economic development front.

Our northeast region has the opportunity to experience significant, diverse job growth in the coming years. It's an exciting time for our area. Having the right team with the right attitude and the right incentives in Florence and Horry Counties is helping us land these new jobs.

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