Florence County forms agreement with Johnsonville Police

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - You may see Johnsonville Police officers responding to crimes right outside of city limits to help lend a hand to the Sheriff's Office.

The department has been helping the sheriff's office over the past years, but county council made it official just days ago.

"Often these incidents we respond to require arrest whether it be a domestic disturbance or some kind of larceny or burglary," said Ron Douglas, Johnsonville Police Department.

Johnsonville Police Chief Ron Douglas says his department has often responded to emergency calls outside of Johnsonville City Limits and he's glad that his department can lend a hand to the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

"We've always enjoyed a good relationship with the sheriff's office, and we have always had a verbal agreement that we would assist each other," said Douglas

Just days ago Florence County Council approved a resolution that clearly defines when and how the Johnsonville Police Department can help the county with emergency calls.

"If one of the two deputies that we have assigned to the lower end of the county is tied up on another call, or they're some distance away, this agreement allows us to request Johnsonville," said Michael Nunn, Florence County Sheriff's Office.

"Typically what we do is just go the scene outside the city and we detain the person there," said Douglas.

Police Chief Douglas says if the Johnsonville Police Department has to respond to county calls their job is simply to contain the situation until deputies can get to the scene.

When the Deputy gets to the scene, police fill them in on the incident, and the deputy handles the rest.

Captain Michael Nunn with the Florence County Sheriff's Office says the multi-jurisdictional agreement is not new to the county.

"Williamsburg County, Darlington County, most of the surrounding areas, especially on counties that we touch we have similar agreements," said Nunn.

Chief Douglas says assisting Florence County does not takeaway from Johnsonville Police protecting the City of Johnsonville.

"It's not been a problem. Like I said it's not an everyday occurrence, because we do have a very low call volume in the city," said Douglas.

City leaders say the cost in offering this multi-jurisdictional agreement is minimal.

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