Athlete of the Week: Marci Chestnut, North Myrtle Beach

AOW: Marci Chestnut, N. Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH - Marci Chestnut is still quite fond of winning North Myrtle Beach's first ever state volleyball title last year.

"It was probably the best day of my life," she said. "All the hard work paid off when that last point was scored."

Though that has made the Lady Chiefs the team to beat this time around. Yet Marci and the girls have responded, producing a 13-2 record entering Thursday, including an undefeated region win clip.

"It was more difficult this year," Chestnut explained. "Our new coach Erica Allman, she's really into pushing us hard and we love it. We love playing hard, and working hard in practice. It just makes us better."

The postseason begins next week with the region tournament, and with the one-seed already locked up, Chestnut will just try and keep producing the wins.

"We are just really excited, we're still trying hard," she said. "We're just trying to keep a level head, and really want to work hard toward being state champions."

The same goal applies this winter, where she'll suit up for the Lady Chiefs basketball squad one more time, following a 20-win season her junior year. But her contributions to the school don't stop at sports. She also is spending her final year in the student council trying to improve herself.

"Being senior class president really helped me focus my leadership skills that I have and really bring my class together so we can plan things for our senior year and make it one that we'll never forget, and have a lasting impact on our school," Chestnut said.

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