Leggings cause a stir at Carolina Forest High School

A parent sent us this photo on Facebook of their daughter, who was removed from class because of her leggings.
A parent sent us this photo on Facebook of their daughter, who was removed from class because of her leggings.

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – On Tuesday, leggings on approximately 15 girls who attended Carolina Forest High School were deemed inappropriate, according to Horry County School leaders.

Leggings are pants which are similar to tights and are often worn underneath a long shirt or dress.

The Carolina Forest High School dress code on the school's web site doesn't say anything about leggings specially, but it does say: "tight 'spandex' clothing is inappropriate."

Carolina Forest High School Principal Gay Driggers said leggings are allowed to be worn by students, but only if they were something over them and it goes below their finger tips.

Principal Driggers said students are made aware of the dress code at the beginning of the school year and on the school's handbook.

Students who were deemed in violation of the dress code had to call their parents to have them bring an extra change of clothes to finish the school day.

One parent who spoke to WMBF said her daughter was in violation of the dress code, according to the school, and had to be placed in school suspension as a result. According to this parent, she had to miss her college credit class while she waited for a change of clothes to be brought to her.

Driggers said sometimes a student will have to wait in ISS until their parents can arrive with a change of clothes.

"We're not going to let them go to class breaking the dress code," Driggers said. "Normally it won't take 15 or 20 minutes and some bring some in their bag...we allow them to have time for their work, make sure their attendance isn't held against them or anything like that."

The parent said this wasn't the case for her daughter though, because she received an absent mark in class for having to wait.

Driggers said this dress code problem often returns during the change in weather and ultimately can become a distraction for students.

"Read our dress code it is online and hopefully support us in making sure the very best education is happening at Carolina Forest everyday," said Driggers.

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