MBPD arrests man accused of forcing himself on Sheraton employee

Junior Carranza-Gonzales (Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department)
Junior Carranza-Gonzales (Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach Police have arrested a man for sexual assault after he allegedly attempted to force himself on an employee at the Sheraton Hotel in Myrtle Beach in September.

The police report states that on September 13, the victim called police for a sexual assault that occurred the day before, September 12, at the hotel.

She said the offender, Junior Carranza-Gonzales, 28-years-old, asked her to clean his room. She told him she could not while he had the "do not disturb sign" on the door. When she finished cleaning the room she next attended to, the sign was removed from his door and she entered to clean it.

The victim said Carranza-Gonzales was sitting in the chair in the room, and advised her he only wanted her to change the sheets on the bed. She told police she felt very uncomfortable about his request but went to the front of the bed to keep her eyes on him. Moments later, Carranza-Gonzales stood up and walked toward the bathroom.

The victim said he then pressed his body against her and pulled her shirt up, while trying to pull her pants down. She said she struggled with him from five-to-ten minutes, but did not want to scream for fear of him potentially physically injuring her.

Carranza-Gonzales then released the victim to close the curtains in the room, but instead she ran out of the room. She said she then went to her supervisor and reported the incident. The supervisor sent security to the room to question Carranza-Gonzales, but he denied everything. The victim then went to her Human Resources department about the incident and was allegedly told not to involve the police, because it would be her word against his.

The next day she called police, who arrested Carranza-Gonzales on October 15. He is charged with sexual assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct on a female.

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