Consider This: Farming Is Important

Consider This: Farming is important

It's been a bad year for farmers. And that means it will be a bad year for the rest of us when we head to the grocery store.

Consider This:

Our region is heavily impacted by tourism and it is a major focus across the state; tourism is the number one industry in South Carolina. However, our region – especially the Pee Dee – is heavily impacted by another industry… agriculture. As we shared in our special report, farmers in our area were negatively affected by the extensive rain this year. (insert quote from the farmer) "A dry year will worry you to death; a wet year will starve you to death."

Although many of us pass by the fields every day, it's easy to forget how important agriculture is to our local economy. It creates jobs, adds to our tax base, and puts food on our tables. A bad year means huge financial losses for hundreds of farm families, fewer jobs, soaring food costs and ultimately less money driving our economy.

Although agriculture might not generate the same economic impact as hospitality and tourism, we shouldn't forget how important it is to the economic prosperity of our region.

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