NMB to crack down on dilapidated homes

NMB unfit dwelling

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- Hazardous, uninhabitable homes will be the focus of a new ordinance quickly being pushed through the North Myrtle Beach city council because of a situation happening in the Cherry Grove community.

"People in a certain area have been suffering for a long, long time because of a certain situation," explained Greg Duckworth, a city councilman with North Myrtle Beach.

Councilman Duckworth explained neighbors noticed people living in a rundown home in their community, bringing concerns to the city council.

"It has created a situation with people living in this house without utilities," he said. This sparked a change to current city procedures.

"We didn't have something that addressed everything at once,"said Councilman Duckworth.

Someone living in a home, he said, without electricity, water, or a proper sewer system can present public health hazards.

"That is unsettling for anyone, that in your home you almost feel captive to the situation.

The city is proposing an ordinance regarding the regulation of unfit dwellings. For example, they will look at homes with buckling walls that could collapse, damage done by fires, and unsafe electrical wiring, also taking into consideration the number of windows for each bedroom, and proper ventilation.

While it may seem extensive, council members explain it is away to catch up with the current times while still balancing benefits for the community.

"It is a very unique situation. Could it come up again? Maybe. But with this ordinance in place, hopefully it would be addressed in a quicker fashion," said Councilman Duckworth.

Council members met Monday afternoon for the second reading of the ordinance and officially passed it. On Tuesday, the city staff will begin taking steps to rectify the situation.

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