Report: Possible meth lab found on driveway in Conway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Police advised three people to seek medical treatment after they touched material from an apparent meth lab that was found in a Conway driveway.

Horry County Police responded to the 4400 block of the Pee Dee Highway Thursday afternoon after a suspicious item was reported in a driveway, according to a police report.

An officer arrived on scene to find a soda bottle filled with an unknown greenish material. The woman who reported the item said she tossed the bottle earlier, but after seeing what she thought was a bullet nearby, she called police, believing it may be a bomb.

The officer noticed a battery nearby that had been cut open.

The woman who reported the suspicious bottle said she touched it, and after smelling it, became sick, the report states. Two others also said they touched it. Police advised all three people to get medical treatment.

A HCPD detective took over the investigation, and the 'one pot' or 'shake and bake'-style meth lab was submitted to a cleanup crew for destruction, the report states.

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