Some wonder if they can get jobs after shutdown closes E-Verify

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The government shutdown has given a lot of people headaches and left them confused because the website, E-Verify, which helps employers find out if you are legally cleared to work in the United States is offline; it will not come back online until the government reopens.

Angelo Antonucci said he was left wondering if he could hire anyone new during the shutdown to work at his restaurant.

"We didn't have a clue but when we went to do the job we are supposed to do and go to E-verify it was like we can't hire," said Antonucci, who later found out that he could hire. "We did some more research and found out that as long as we do other paperwork that is in line then we are fine."

The E-Verify system has been delayed for the time being, but new workers can still start their new jobs and get paid. They just will not be officially cleared through the employment system until the government reopens.

Donald Hovis at Springmaid Beach Resort said it will be a longer hiring process without E-Verify, but there are old systems they can use to check an employee's background.

"We'll do the I-9 form, and we'll make sure the employee is safe to be working here but it will take longer than normal," said Hovis.  "But people will still get jobs."

The "Three Day Rule" for getting an employee's information through E-Verify has been suspended for the duration of the shutdown.

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