CCU addresses security concerns after home invasion, armed robbery

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Coastal Carolina University Police are searching for the two men who robbed a student's dorm room Tuesday. This incident comes on the heels of a home invasion near campus just last week.

So far, there are no arrests in either case.

On Tuesday, two men walked into Maple Hall and stole a student's belongings. CCU Police are looking for them and also want to talk with a third person.

"It's definitely kind of scary, because you would think around campus you think it would be a safe environment, but I was concerned, said CCU student Kevin Dunbar. "But I'm glad the school had a system where they can alert people about the situation going on. And have a way to identify a person and report it back to police."

CCU has a text alert system in place to make sure students get important information. During last week's home invasion it was used multiple times, but after yesterday evening's dorm room robbery, school officials opted not to send a text, because there wasn't an immediate threat to students.

Instead, an email went out filling them in on the situation. That has some students mixed on when and how they should get notified.

"I feel they're a little vague on what's going on and they don't want to let you know fully what's going on," said CCU student Ali Cohen.

"I think they are helpful," student Lina Leonard said. "I think the school is safe. I get emails too about the same thing, so I think the school does a great job in telling you what to do and be on the lookout for."

On Wednesday, after the robbery, school leaders jumped into action, getting a PSA together to urge students to be proactive if they see a crime in progress or know something, and call campus police.

"Another part of the message is: please don't give your personal information to people who are off this campus who aren't a part of the community," said CCU spokesperson Martha Hunn. "It might be innocent, but what it does is puts you the students, and whole campus community, in jeopardy."

The deputy police chief on campus says he believes both the home invasion and yesterday's robbery are related somehow to drugs, and he doesn't think the suspects were students.

Many students say they have no problem telling police what they know.

"Because someone I know could possibly be harmed," Dunbar says. "So I don't want to pass the opportunity if I saw the person, so they don't the chance to do it someone else."

Students who haven't signed up for text alert at the school can do so anytime by just going to the bottom the school's home page and looking for "CCU Alert."

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