Turning lane coming to major Florence road

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Florence County will soon get an added turn lane at the intersection of South Irby Street and McLaughlin Road. County leaders say the additional turn lane will not only add more safety to the area, but will also help spur economic development.

"A lot of times we have to go down to the next cross over, make a u-turn and come back up," said George Dodge.

George Dodge owns Florence Hydraulics. It's a company that makes repairs on bigger trucks like 18 wheelers. Dodge says the intersection of McLaughlin and South Irby has always brought on driving challenges and safety issues for his drivers and other people on the roads.

"Well when big trucks come into here, they have to swing wide so when they're swinging they inadvertently get into the right lane a little bit," said George Dodge.

Dodge says that swinging tends to back up traffic during the busy times of the day and presents ample opportunity for car accidents. To help fix this problem county council and another local business located on McLaughlin Road will split the $110,000 needed to add that lane.

Florence County Councilman Alphonso Bradley says that added lane will make the road safer and gives the county more financial opportunities.

"Maybe some future companies might come there brings in more jobs and we feel that we need to put that turn lane in there now to encourage more growth," said Bradley.

The councilman added McLaughlin Road offers plenty of space for industry growth, and that added turn lane will only make the area more attractive to potential investors.

"We believe that's a good economic site maybe some future companies might come there and bring some new jobs," said Bradley

In just a couple of months crews will begin constructing that lane which will allow drivers to make a safer turn of South Irby and onto McLaughlin Road.

For companies in the area like Florence Hydraulics this soon to be added lane is a great turn toward the future.

That new lane is expected to be completed by the beginning of next year.

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