Dancer allegedly assaults man after he calls her 'snaggle-toothed'

Nicole Passmore (Source: Myrtle Beach Jail)
Nicole Passmore (Source: Myrtle Beach Jail)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach Police Department released a report outlining the arrest of a dancer from the Masters Gentleman's Club on Monday night.

The report states the victim, a 31-year-old man, was at the club with his friends. He put money down on the table they were sitting at, when the offender and another dancer came to the table, tried to take the money, and dance on him. The victim declined the offender, and asked her not to take the money.

The offender, 25-year-old Nicole Passmore, tried two more times to take the money, the third time even sitting on the victim's lap and starting to dance on him. When he declined her dance the third time, she told the victim that he had a "sweet receding hairline," to which the victim replied, "Yeah, and you're a snaggle-toothed [expletive]."

At this point, the victim and multiple witnesses said Passmore started striking the victim in the face, hitting him five to six times. The victim and his friends then left the club and called police.

Responding officers said when they responded the victim was holding a towel of ice to the left side of his face, and had a welt forming under his left eyebrow. When police approached Passmore, she claimed the victim pushed her which prompted her to strike him. Police spoke to witnesses who corroborated the victim's story, placed Passmore under arrest, and transported her to the Myrtle Beach jail.

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