Fatal deer collision highlights danger on the road

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - Sixty-four-year-old Mary Davis died while riding as a passenger on her husband's motorcycle when it hit a deer.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol says the two were headed north on Highway 501 when a deer just north of Highway 319 crossed from the right side of the road and struck their vehicle. They fell from the bike and were taken to the hospital where Davis died.

Highway Patrol says over the next three months you're going to see a lot of deer on the road.  It's mating season for the animals, and they are traveling heavily, especially during dusk and dawn.

Most drivers have a story or two about hitting or nearly hitting a deer. According to a new survey by State Farm Insurance, your chances of hitting a deer in South Carolina are one in 92.

"Many mornings we come to work and there are many deer that have already been hit," says Tammy Ludlam, a woman who works off Highway 501 in Aynor.

Highway Patrol says if you come across a deer resist the urge to swerve because you could end up in oncoming traffic. Experts say it's actually safer to hit the deer.  You should also use your high beams and stay vigilant throughout the season.

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