Consider This: Brunswick joins Myrtle Beach MSA

The Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area is changing and is now the first MSA in South Carolina to cross state lines.

Consider This:

A MSA is typically designated as a county or group of counties that share similar commuting patterns and have a social and economic connection. It's based on Census data and when the new information came in from the 2010 study, Brunswick County, North Carolina joined the MSA of Horry and Georgetown Counties.

For many years Brunswick County was part of the Wilmington MSA.
That made senseā€¦ but as the market evolved the connection has moved from the northern hub of Wilmington. Ultimately this change will be good for Horry, Georgetown and Brunswick Counties. The Myrtle Beach area continues to grow and that means more opportunities to improve the region. That growth is not based on a state line and that's why moving Brunswick County to the Myrtle Beach MSA was the right decision. 

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