Coker alumni honors 2013 championship team

HARTSVILLE - Dave Schmotzer has been the only baseball coach at Coker College. So he has looked forward to alumni day every year since 1992.

"I think the specialty of seeing the kids coming back is knowing that you had a little impact in their development through the great game of college baseball," he explained.

Though this year had a bit more impact, after the Cobras were celebrating their second ever World Series team, 20 years after their first. The Cobras first made the NAIA World Series in 1994.

"That man has been here forever, and that run that we had last year was just really special," said T.J. Giczkowski, third baseman of the 2013 Cobras.

Coker won eight postseason games in a row to get its first ever NCAA World Series, capping off one of the best runs this team has ever seen. And along the way, everyone from past and present was a part of the team.

"Just talking to coach on the phone, during the process, and hearing his voice - it just took me back to what we went through," said Allie Oswald, a member of the 1994 World Series squad. "And it just made it really special to be a part of this program."

On a day where the accomplishments of the 2013 team were rewarded, all former Cobras were able to feel a part of victory on the field.

"It's a festive day," said Schmotzer. "It's for every one person that has walked through these gates. Being the only guy that has ever coached here, we have a real special fraternity of alums that mean a whole lot to this school."

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