Fall bike rally wraps up

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) –The fall bike rally wrapped up on Sunday, and while it is quieter than the rallies in the spring, some businesses still benefit from the bikers.

"There's a kinship with bikers," said Jamie Keats withJamin' Leather in Myrtle Beach. "They love to be together, love to ride together, they always have a destination." 

For most bikers, Murrells Inlet is that destination.

"Busy. It really is," said Jessica Galloway with Crooked Floor Tavern in Murrells Inlet. "We have a lot of people from out of town, and during the rallies, locals that will bring their bikes out."

Only open for a few months, Crooked Floor Tavern is getting great exposure during the bike rally, including exposure to locals.

"Going into the slower season, it's nice for locals to know we're here," said Galloway.

She said bikers are already revving up to come back in the spring.

"We've had people say they're coming for the spring rally and they're glad they found us," she said.

The tavern is planning on adding entertainment and expanding advertisement for the spring rally, which is typically busier than the rally wrapping up this weekend.

However, businesses are still benefiting from the rally. Especially at Jamin' Leather.

"Leather sells better in the fall than it does in the spring because you want to wear less in the spring than you do in the fall," explained Keats. Miles from Murrells Inlet, the store continues to bring in bikers during the rallies. "It will never be what it was but I see it slowly coming back to a better and improved rally."

That is a trend business owners hope to see continue.

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