Well-rounded Marion teen makes WMBF’s ‘Student Spotlight’

MARION, SC (WMBF) - Every high school has that one kid that everyone liked. He or she was outgoing, friendly, energetic, and smart. At Marion High School, the honor goes to 16-year-old Austin Querubin.

The junior says he's kept straight A's throughout his high school career and does so by putting 100 percent effort toward everything he does. He is the captain of the Marion High cross country team, plays soccer with Florence Fusion, acts in Honors Drama and does it all with a smile on his face.

"I have a smile on my face and it brings a smile to their face," says Querubin. "As long as we are all happy throughout the day, I have a positive mentality."

His approach at life has inspired him to help cancer patients. For three years Querubin grew his hair then chopped it off to donate. It was 24 inches long.

"Just the thought of giving to someone with cancer who no longer had hair made me feel better inside," he says.

Today he's working hard to maintain his grades. He wants to attend MUSC or Emory and someday become a cardiologist. He says he was inspired by his grandfather.

"My grandfather was a doctor in Dillon," he says. "He moved from the Philippines and became a doctor."

Querubin is also humble. He doesn't take credit for any of his aspirations or accolades. He says his family and relationship with the Lord is how he manages to stay so well rounded.

"I was saved November 14, 2012 and baptized a few months ago," he says.

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