Loris High honor student hopes to publish book

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - It's not everyday a teenager can say they're writing a book, but that's exactly what Loris High School senior Jendayi Brooks-Flemister is doing. The book is a trilogy she's been working on for four years.

It titled The City of Fliers: The Dark Mist Isle.

"It's about a young girl who has been forced to leave her home in order to help her family survive," Brooks-Flemister says.

Jendayi's efforts could pay off in a big way. Her family says they're working on a publishing deal with the company Penguin.

"We are shooting for something bigger like Harper Collins," joked the well-spoken teenager, "But we will take what we can get."

Jendayi adds, "A sign-on deal can go for millions. There was a girl who was like 15, and she got signed for $2 million."

Regardless of a book deal, Brooks-Flemister's future is bright. She has a 3.9 GPA, is currently taking a number of AP courses including physics and statistics, she's president of the National Art Honor Society, holds down a community service job, and the list goes on. She says her love of all things academic started at an early age.

"In fifth grade I got grounded because I got a B; it was an 88 in Social Studies and I couldn't do anything until I brought it back up to a 98," she says.

The aspiring author hopes to go to an Ivy League school, possibly Yale, and if she keeps on writing her books could end up in the Loris High School library where she often spends time studying.

"Writing for me was always an escape," she says. "It's like a world you can control and if I can create this and control this everyone else can see what I can do."

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