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Consider This: Credit Monitoring

When computers were hacked and the personal information of millions of South Carolinians was compromised the state quickly signed a one-year deal with Experian to monitor credit activity. However, the deal with Experian is expiring.

Consider This: Normally selecting a vendor for a state contract would take place through a bid process, but leaders felt that it was necessary to get a service in place as quickly as possible and bypassed that model when selecting Experian. Now, almost a year later, that bid process it taking place. However, Experian has decided not to participate going forward.

What Experian is doing is trying to get you to renew the existing contract and pay for it yourself. However, before you sign that agreement you should know that the state will continue to offer free credit monitoring, most likely with another service provider, for several more years. If you're willing to wait a few weeks you might save a few bucks and still protect your credit.

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