Parents express frustrations, praise on first day of school

The first day of school is a very nerve-wracking time for parents and students who have to part ways, trusting educators to guide these young minds for the rest of the school year.

Overwhelmingly, when we asked our Facebook fans about their first day experience, they were undisturbed by the long lines to pick up their kids after school, not angered by the bus route delays, and not in the slightest bothered by the untimely heavy rainfall.

Why? Because their students came home with smiles on their faces, talking about the teachers they immediately loved and couldn't wait to see again tomorrow.

Valarie Bobo Brunetti said, "[I] sent 3 kids to 3 different schools today! Everyone came home with a smile on their face, even the middle schooler who got home 30 min late, but we expected that."

"Though the weather was on the worst, the staff at Loris Middle did their best to escort each student out to their vehicles to ensure their safety. It was a long wait, but worth the safety. Thanks guys!" Rhonda Johnson said.

Even though we had over 30 comments on the WMBF News Facebook fan page in praise of the teachers, bus drivers and school system for making the first day flow so smoothly, some parents expressed some very real frustrations.

Tammy Lynn Pruett told WMBF News, "Georgetown lost my son for 2 hours yesterday."

Georgetown County Schools began classes on Wednesday, one day before Horry County Schools. Tammy claims her issues with the transportation department for her children span back to the previous school year, when the school district decided to group all the school children from her area together and her young children were riding the bus with high-schoolers.

Additional first day frustrations were expressed by drivers who were trying to get through the intersection at Rivers Oak Drive and International Drive in Carolina Forest were a Kangaroo gas station is currently under construction.

WMBF News first told our viewers about this intersection on August 1 when the construction progress was delaying everyday rush-hour traffic. Now with school traffic from Ocean Bay Elementary, Ocean Bay Middle and the Academy of the Arts Science and Technology - all in the same area as three large neighborhoods and a fire station - the congestion is ramping up as expected.

If you'd like to express a traffic frustration or share some praise for your student's teacher or school, head to the WMBF News Facebook page. We'd love to hear about your first day of school experience.

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