Routine key in back-to-school preparations

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Students in Horry County Schools head back to class on Thursday, but teachers suggest you get back in the routine now.

It's never too early to get your student adjusted to their school bedtime, because you want them to be able to wake up and get ready on the first day of school. One teacher even suggested waking them up and walking them all the way to the bus stop by the right time, so they can get acquainted with their walk.

Teachers say it's all about doing what's necessary to set up the routine.

"They make a lot of difference," said Marrjo Shattuck, an elementary school teacher. "Because it gives that child confidence when they come back to school. And when they come in confidently, then they are going to perform better.

When it comes to preparing, you also have to keep your child organized for the first day, especially with long school supply lists nowadays requiring all sorts of different back to school items. Teachers tell WMBF News the most important item is the backpack.

"Every child's bookbag is his or hers personal space," said Myrtle Beach Primary teacher Kim Thomas. "Just like their cubby in the classroom. It's like their locker when they get older. And those bookbags have so many different pockets. So parents and children sit together and designate those pockets."

Show your children the different pockets, and mark certain ones to put their lunch money, school supplies, your contact information and their folders. You want to get to a point where they can find these things on their own. Do this early, and establish a routine to get ready the night before school, where you pick out the clothes and everything needed for the first day in advance.

When it comes to the school, many are still offering an open house night, which can be a great way to prepare your child for the big day. If the open house night has already passed, parents can take their child to the school anyway. Teachers say a surprising amount of parents don't take advantage of open house night, and it can make all the difference. Experts say it's because children need to visualize their room, where they are going to sit, and meet their teacher to make things easier.

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