City leaders search for change in north Florence

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Florence city leaders have invested $100,000 in a survey to promote economic development in north Florence.

The numerous amounts of dilapidated property in north Florence are some of the reasons people who live in the area have asked city leaders for funding to begin cleaning up the area.

"Is our street being improved? Do we have sidewalks on all the streets? Speed signs? No," said Betty McClain.

Florence city leaders have been hearing complaints like that from people who love on the north side of Florence.

Dilapidated housing, not enough street lights and unpaved roads are issues people on the north side of town say the City of Florence has failed to resolve.

While there are numerous complaints, one woman who lives on the north side said she has been seeing some of the positive impacts the city has been trying to make.

"Like [demolishing dilapidated] housing and cleaning around them and stuff like that," said Georgia Brown.

Georgia Brown said she noticed some the dilapidated properties around the north side being torn down. City Manager, Drew Griffin said while the city is beginning to tear down some of those dilapidated properties, city leaders are looking for a plan to boost economic development in North Florence.

"One of those paths forward was really drilling down into the true issues that are related to neighborhood development,"said Griffin.

"You have to look at the complete restructuring of a neighborhood. You have to look at streets, street scopes;you have to look at issues that banks look at," said Griffin.

Griffin went on to say the study that is currently underway in north Florence will lay out a plan that will eventually lead to more private and public investments.

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