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Consider This: Your Feedback

We've gotten a lot of comments on recent Consider This topics and I thought I would share some of your feedback today.

Regarding my comments on Paula Deen, Michael shared this opinion: "Hmm, the many events going on in the world today and you primary concern in life, or for 'Consider This' is to bash people and spread gossip...speaks volumes.  So much for 'Southern hospitality' or accepting others the way they are along with their freedom of opinion and speech.  Better to just bash, make assumptions, spread rumors and hate I guess.

Can't say I know Paula Dean, or ever care to.  So no, I have no personal bias.  But as a public voice your responsibility is to set an example for others…  FAIL."

And many of you had a much different opinion about the Royal Baby. Sid said, "Rather than complain about the attention on the new addition to the Royal Family, we should celebrate that the couple because they did it the right way. There are so many children born to unwed couples, at least William and Kate set a good example as parents."

Consider This is merely one perspective meant to encourage discussion and debate. Thanks to all of you who took the time to share your opinion. 

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