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County resumes mosquito control after floodwaters recede

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The Waccamaw floodwaters have receded, but in its place an irritating and potentially diseased pest has taken its place, and taking care of the problem could cut into Horry County's fiscal year budget.

"They seem to be bigger and healthier than ever," John Porter said, discussing mosquitoes which have invaded the Lee's Landing area off Highway 90.

Porter owns Advantage Pest Control and has been called in to get rid of many of the other pests in the area. He says because of all the mosquito eggs left in the standing water, he's gotten bit more times than he ever has before.

Others in the Lee's Landing area have also noticed the increase since floodwaters subsided. To answer the number of mosquito-related complaints, Horry County will be spraying the area to try and combat the problem.

"We're scheduled to spray Lee's Landing and Galivant's Ferry this week," said Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier. "[The plane] will go up depending on the weather. It maybe be tonight or it may be tomorrow morning."

The county is using the plane to cover a greater spray area, but it may present a financial problem for the Stormwater Division.

Each fiscal year, Bourcier says there's $490,000 dollars allotted for mosquito control, but heavy floods don't factor into the budget, and the department has already used more than a third of the budget this year to combat mosquitoes after an unusually wet summer.

Bourcier says that is a set number, but if demand is high enough, they can find enough funds to continue the spraying operation.

"That has to last us the entire year," she said. "But there is some flexibility in line items as needed. We'll have to see how it pans out by the end of the year."

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