New season brings new law to help detect concussions in young athletes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – High school football practice officially kicked off today with the first practices of the season. A new year brings a new change that could help keep your child safe when it comes to concussions on the field thanks to a new state law.

The law is the first of its kind for South Carolina, it requires all school districts to pass out concussion information forms to coaches, parents, and student athletes. The law also requires you and your student athlete to sign the form before your child can take the field.

Myrtle Beach High School athletic trainer Andrea Sulewski said the new requirements are a step in the right direction.

"Concussions are a real hot topic right now, and people are just learning more and more about them," added Sulewski. "Really this is about informing not just the parents and not just football players but all of the athletes so you know what a concussion is and how damaging they can be."

Eunice Williams is on the Grand Strand watching her daughter play in a softball tournament.  Williams said she has always worried about her daughter getting a concussion and thinks this is a good move by the state.

"Anything we can do to bring attention to that because it is rather silent," said Williams. "There could be an injury or another problem, and you might not know about it just by looking at your child."

In addition to the new state law, Sulewski said smart phone technology is also helping athletic trainers and coaches know if your student athlete has a concussion.

"There are apps on my phone where I can do an assessment on the field and I can email it to myself," said Sulewski.  "I can print that out right there so I can have a hard copy in their file they can send to the doctor."

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