As floodwaters recede, mess stays behind

The Waccamaw River flood is receding

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The floodwaters of the Waccamaw River are receding, but as the water goes, it reveals trash, mold, and bacteria to clean up.

"We had to put Clorox down on everything to kill the mold and mildew," said Bill Worthington. Bill has taken part in disaster relief efforts for years with Samaritan's Purse. Today, he's helping out his friend, Bill Muntz, as they clean up the mess on his property left from the flood.

Muntz says water was flowing over the road and onto his property, flooding his garage, and bringing with it unwelcome pests.

"There was a buzzard in the front yard, enjoying himself a copperhead," Muntz said. "It was a dead as a doornail, which is great because my wife cannot stand snakes."

The weather's hot, and these two are hard at work. But they've managed to work some fun into the day. Using Worthington's pressure washer, the two Bills were able to write the message "I love you, Judy" in the driveway. It's a message to their two wives, both named Judy.

"Pressure washers make great notes," Muntz said.

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