Myrtle Beach fire inspectors seek total compliance

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach fire inspectors could be considered overworked, but a change in the law could help to fix all that.

Last year, the city fire inspectors checked 4,000 and some businesses to make sure they were all up to code. Four hundred and forty five of those checks were return visits, the Fire Marshal Bruce Arnel said wasn't all necessary.

On July 1, the fire inspectors came up with what they call "community risk reduction program."

This recently enforced program allows fire inspectors to issue a $100 fee to business owners who do not fix the problems inspectors have noticed within a 45 day period.

"We want to discourage folks from dragging their feet basically," explains Arnel.

The money collected from the fees will go into the general fire fund.

The reason Arnel said the changed need to be ultimately made was because of the changes which were occurring around the city. "We're working with the same number of personnel, yet the city has grown considerable over the years. So again we have a lot to do and a little time to do it, and we want to be productive."

Neil Dubravski is the Manager of the Burger Bar and Beach Club off Kings Highway. The restaurant was inspected just last week and passed.

Dubravski said it's important for owners and or operators to have a close relationship with the city fire inspectors to understand what's been asked of them.

Dubravski, who helps to operate two other businesses within the city said if violations are ever given then, "they should be dealt with accordingly on time. Then if they're not? The fee I agree with it."

The owner of the Calypso Motor Inn, has been making improvements to his business the last few weeks because the fire inspector closed a portion of the facility due to safety violations.

The owner told WMBF News on Monday he feels confident they'll pass inspection on August 2.

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