Myrtle Beach's 75th Anniversary: a time to celebrate, a time to remember

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Today's celebrations gave many locals a reason to pause and remember their favorite part of living in the City of Myrtle Beach.

Up and down the Ocean Boulevard, many people expressed their nostalgia for the Pavilion. Saturday, hundreds gathered at the old site to celebrate the 75 years in the city.

With all the changes the coastline has seen during the last 75 years, some things still remain the same.

"The Gay Dolphin has remained the same, at lease for my last 45 years," said Curtis Pryor, the manager for the gift shop.

Many people view the shop as a centerpiece to the city.

"Back in the 1960s, the shop's tower was the tallest on the boulevard," reminisced Pryor. He adds, "we had telescopes up there, could go up there and look all over the beach."

"When I was growing up, the high-rises were only 3 stories high," agreed Eddie Mercer, a Myrtle Beach native.

Now, hotels and high-rises throw shadows on the tower. But it doesn't dim the spirit of the store.

Within the packed aisles of new and modern toys, are keepsakes decades old. Just like the city.

"The drinking bird, we always made sure to have those in stock. Because they're one of our great souvenirs," said Pryor.

Outside of the store, the city continues growing.

"All this, the bypass, 17, that wasn't here," recalled Mercer. "All of this were farms."

Mercer helps with maintenance work within the gift shop, and remembers how different his drive into work used to be.

"On the corner where that tattoo place is? That was a shooting gallery. And over here, that was a water slide," he said.

For the workers within this treasured time capsule, there are some things they miss. However, they are proud of where they came from and support where the city is going.

"Change is a good thing. We just have to keep up," said Pryor.

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