Spoken and unspoken rules of beach etiquette

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The beach is meant to be a fun, enjoyable spot for everyone. But for tourists and locals to enjoy some fun in the sun in harmony, there are certain unspoken and official rules that should be followed.

Official rules are posted at beach access points, but there's some unspoken etiquette you should still follow.

A USAToday article lists these ten beach etiquette rules.

1. Don't forget your headphones. Your taste in music is probably great but no one wants to hear it blasting on the beach.

2. Don't shake your towel out near other people. It's no fun getting a mouth or eye full of sand because someone wasn't paying attention.

3. Pick up your trash. This is self explanatory.

4. Don't play beach ball near other beach-goers. Tossing a frisbee or playing volleyball is great exercise but it can be intrusive if you do it too close to others.

5. It's inconsiderate to smoke. In Myrtle Beach it's also against the law to leave your butts in the sand.

6. Don't feed seagulls. This causes them to flock close to everyone and it's not good for them to eat un-natural diets.

7. Don't run. You could kick up sand onto other people.

8. Follow local customs. For example, in Myrtle Beach thongs are not allowed, so cover it up.

Fireworks are also not allowed on the beach within Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach city limits. Here's a complete list of Myrtle Beach Beach and Boating Regulations: http://bit.ly/1aY037y

9. Don't let your dog roam unattended. In Myrtle Beach dogs must be leashed and clean up is required. Also, dogs aren't even allowed on the beach during certain hours of the tourist season.

10. Don't ignore warning signs. Whether the sign is there to warn you about a rip current or high levels of bacteria, it's there to keep you safe.

Here's a quick guide to beach flags:

  • Red Flag = No Swimming
  • Blue Flag = Jellyfish Warning
  • Yellow Flag = Swim with Caution
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