Roads and homes still flooded around Waccamaw River

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - In areas flooded by the Waccamaw River, "Road Closed" signs are still up because it could be dangerous for drivers, but the real danger could be what the roads will be like when the water is gone.

Right now, all SCDOT officials can do is check the barricades and wait until the water goes down so they can take action. But WMBF News is told they're expecting it to still be a couple of weeks before SCDOT even gets a chance to look at it. They'll be looking for washouts on the shoulders of the road, water undermining under the road asphalt, and washouts around bridges.

Horry County's maintenance engineer Shannon Welch says at this point, they know the potential damage could be costly, but there's no real way of knowing how much.

"It could be," said Welch. "We don't know really until it's gone down and we get a chance to look at it so it may not cost much or it may. We don't know."

People are still trying to drive down the flooded roads, and SCDOT strongly suggests that you still avoid certain areas. The water levels have been reported to have dropped about an inch since the river crested.

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