Myrtle Beach Police respond to 36 burglaries in 15 days

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Police have responded to 36 burglaries so far in July, 2013. That number averages out to more than two reported burglaries each day within the city limits.

According to police reports, more than half of those burglaries happened in Ocean Boulevard hotel rooms. In addition, more than half of the hotel room burglaries happened to rooms that were left unlocked.

"I actually made a joke to him today, did you lock the balcony? Make sure nobody will get in," Myrtle Beach Tourist Janet Smith jokingly said although she does lock each room in her hotel, she doesn't think it's likely a robber would scale the hotel building to get to her room. But, according to some police reports, that does happen.

"I think they think in terms of volume- that they can't be a statistic because there's so many vacationers but I don't agree with that," Myrtle Beach Tourist  Gayle Briner said.

Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes said volume is likely exactly the reason burglaries are heightened during this time of year. Capt. Knipes said a person's best defense against a burglar is being extra vigilant with their belongings, like putting their belongings in a secure safe. Captain Knipes added, it's important each door in a person's hotel room is secure at all times- whether the person is in the hotel room or away.

It's not only hotels that burglars have allegedly hit in the past two weeks.

A Broadway at the Beach business was robbed of more than $12,000 in July and according to the police report, there was no forced entry. A home on 36th Avenue North was also burglarized, according to reports. Police said that home  didn't have any forced entry, either.

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