Business continues as flood water rise

Pee Dee flooded businesses

Florence, South Carolina (WMBF) - Some businesses owners in Florence County say the amount of rain accumulating in the area is the worst they have seen in quite some time.

Rain water covers a lot of the property along TV Road. One business owner says this is the worst flooding he has seen on his property in quite some time.

"I keep adding slag out there to build it up so it doesn't flood," said Bert Belk. "I have a lot of guests out here renting the conference building, and I don't want anybody's feet to get wet. And I thought I had the problem solved. But as you can see with all this rain I still have a little problem."

Belk is what you would call an all around businessman .He owns five businesses, including a wedding and conference center on 13 acres of land along TV Road. Belk says Thursday's storm left him a little more than a flooded parking lot to clear.

"Well this morning we came in and there was water coming into my office, and we went outside and there was a limb sticking out of my roof," Said Belk.

On Friday, Belk had to allow his employees to park in other areas, because the employee parking lot was flooded.

"Tomorrow we have a big family reunion over here so I hope it dries up a little bit," said Belk.

Belk added that the amount of rainfall collecting on grassy areas of his property is causing ducks to migrate from the nearby pond onto the yard.

"They kind of dig in the mud puddles, and I haven't had to feed them in a couple of days."

Bert Belk says his property is equipped with a good drainage system, so he is expecting the water to drain quickly.

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