Pee Dee woman wins $100,000 lottery prize

COWARD, SC (WMBF) - Flying blind can be a scary thing, but a Pee Dee woman playing the SC Education Lottery without knowing the rules proved that luck doesn't always come to the prepared.

"Did I win?" she asked, after a Coward woman blindly scratched her $5 Carolina Riches 11th Edition card bought at the Coward Truck Stop on Highway 52.

She handed the ticket to her husband, who is still in disbelief that she won $100,000.

"I play every week and win nothing. She plays once every couple of years," the husband said still trying to make sense of the situation.

They couple didn't say what they wanted to do with the money, but here in WMBF Newsroom, we think we know how to spend that kind of money.

"Pay off debt and invest," says our Senior Director Brian Lester when asked what he'd do with that kind of cash.

Reporter Will Whitson said, "If I had $100,000 dollars, I would hop a flight to anywhere in the world I wanted to go, and stay in a super fancy hotel, for a week. Then, I'd pay off any outstanding bills, and put the rest in the bank."

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