County closes adult store after investigation reveals sex and 'legal weed'

The entrance to 'Celebrations,' covered with police tape and with the injunction taped to the door. Source: Monique Blair
The entrance to 'Celebrations,' covered with police tape and with the injunction taped to the door. Source: Monique Blair

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County solicitors have shut down a Little River business that was found by a WMBF News undercover investigation to be selling synthetic drugs and allowing patrons to solicit and engage in sexual acts.

The Horry County Police Department served an injunction to Celebrations on Thursday, effectively shutting the business down until further notice. The entrance to the Little River store, which legitimately sells adults movies and sex toys, was taped off by police Thursday afternoon.

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson says it was the WMBF News investigation that tipped of his pursuit to close the store.

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WMBF News has obtained a copy of the injunction from Horry County officials, which alleges the store allowed patrons to solicit and engage in sex acts in the back of the store. The injunction even details that one of the cubicles used for viewing pornography "has a hole in one of its walls commonly known in sexually oriented business as a 'glory hole."

Mona Stamper was one of the concerned parents that prompted the WMBF News investigation last year. She said her son had became addicted to so-called "legal weed" he bought from Celebrations. Her son, Josh, told WMBF News he was encouraged more than once to receive oral sex through the "glory hole."

"Yes, it's oral sex, he told me about it," claimed Stamper. "They just told him to go check it out. It makes me feel sick. How can they let this happen?"

The allegations of sex didn't stop with Josh. WMBF News heard from another concerned parent who says her son was told he could pay to get in without an ID, and was offered to trade oral sex for fake weed if he didn't have the money.

The injunction alleges that a 16-year-old patron was permitted to engage in sexual acts with a prostitute on five or more occasions using the glory hole at celebrations.

On June 21, 2013, an undercover officer with the Horry County Police Department purchased synthetic drugs from the store, according to the injunction. While labeled as "Not for Human Consumption" the store sells pipes and other devices next to the drugs to assist purchasers with the consumption of the drugs to mimic the effects of drugs like marijuana, LSD and crack-cocaine, the injunction alleged.

The county alleges that Celebrations represents a public nuisance in the injunction, and cites violations of the Controlled Substances Act, the illegal sale of tobacco products to minors, and the sexual acts occurring in the viewing area, which constitutes a public place.

The owner of Celebrations' Attorney, Case Brittain, told WMBF News his client was not ready to stop fighting this issue yet.

The injunction orders Celebrations to be closed as a public nuisance for either a year, or until further order from the Court.

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