Waccamaw River still above flood stage, but going down

Photo Courtesy of viewer Bonnie Veltre
Photo Courtesy of viewer Bonnie Veltre

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Weeks after the National Weather Service issued flood warnings for the Waccamaw River in Horry County, the waters are starting to recede.

The river has dropped about a foot in the past seven days, now measuring at 12 feet, only one foot above flood stage.

Without any significant rain this week, the river is forecast to finally fall below flood stage by Sunday morning, says Storm Team Meteorologist Jamie Arnold.

When the river returns to normal, it will have been at or above flood stage for about a month and at the peak of 13.1 feet for roughly 8 days.

Officials with the Horry County Emergency Management Services were closely monitoring the rising waters and areas that were flooded down in Bucksport, all the way up to Longs.

Hundreds of homes were affected in areas that haven't this type of high waters since Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Since water levels were so high, not a whole lot could be done. The county could only watch, wait and measure the water levels.

In Longs, there were reports of water levels higher than 12 feet. People living in one neighborhood had to take a boat for nearly a mile just to reach their own homes.

"I didn't have time to do anything," said Michelle Teal-Forsythe, who lives in Longs. "One day I had land around the house and the next day I was just in the water."

Several departments were on standby; Public Works needed to fix roads, and the storm water department needed to work on the drains.

The biggest issue for Horry County was that emergency vehicles, if needed, couldn't get through, and weren't able to drive through the area for service. Horry County Fire and Rescue said they have boats with their dive team, but that means it could take longer to answer a service call.

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