Consider This: Rip Currents

Consider This: Rip Currents

Rip currents have been prevalent lately. Unfortunately, several people have died because of the rough conditions.

Consider This:

Before you decide to get into the ocean you should make sure you know the risk for rip currents. You should also know how to escape from if you get caught in those conditions. Unfortunately, when you're caught in a rip current it is easy to panic. Don't. Remember that you shouldn't fight the current. Instead, swim parallel to the shore until the pull of the current fades.

And if you see someone in trouble, grab something you can toss them to help them stay afloat. Don't put yourself in danger.

The rip current risk grows when tropical weather approaches. With Chantal threatening the chance for rip currents will be high. Be careful. Use common sense. Stay near the shore.

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