High-rise Hilton hotel on tap for Ocean Boulevard

New Hilton Hotels

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach's skyline could be in for some big changes. The Beach View building along 22nd Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard  is still on tap to be torn down, but demolition has been pushed back.

In July, a representative for the developer of the new Hilton Grande Vacations Club originally stated demolition could happen as early as August 1 and start construction on September 1. But according to the City of Myrtle Beach Construction Services office, the hotel's team is still working on getting a demo permit.

The City of Myrtle Beach got their first look at the hotel's plans at a staff meeting on Wednesday. Those plans show two pools, a spa and an outdoor bar.

The new oceanfront hotel will have 230 units on 23 floors, making it among the tallest along the boulevard and the only Hilton hotel within city limits, according to city spokesman Mark Kruea.

Directly across the street on Ocean Boulevard, there are two smaller buildings with apartment rentals. Those will also come down for a new sales center. The estimated cost of the entire project is $41.5 million.

Even though the city is already stocked with hotel rooms, local travel industry leaders say the new space and amenities will be a positive for Myrtle Beach.

"With so much capacity here in the Grand Strand, we haven't needed any new hotel rooms for quite sometime.  But, this is new product coming in with new brand names," commented Brad Dean President & CEO with the Myrtle Beach Are Chamber of Commerce.

"We haven't had any new hotels since 2009. We're pulling out of the recession. Obviously hospitality and tourism are leading in market segments, so this announcement helps us in a variety of ways," added Stephen Greene, President & CEO with the Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association.

Adding a resort tied to the Hilton brand to the Grand Strand's portfolio will be a plus. In addition to new tourism jobs, it could help lure in first-time visitors.

"Different brands have very strong brand loyalty to them and Hilton is one of them. This brings the opportunity to bring guests to the beach that maybe have not been here before, that are loyal to a particular brand," explained Greene.

In a addition to the new Hilton Grande Vacations Club, earlier this year, plans for a new Homewood Suites on Ocean Blvd and 18th Ave S. were announced. Homewood is also part of the Hilton Hotel Chain.

The next step for the Grand Vacations Club project is for the city's Community Appearance Board to review the hotel's design on Thursday.

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