Flood warning continues for Waccamaw River

Problems with flooding

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A flood warning continues for the Waccamaw River, and people living on the banks say the damage is the worst they've seen outside of Hurricane Hugo or Hurricane Floyd.

The National Weather Service says the situation will get worse before it gets better.

The advisory issued on Monday, July 8 said the Waccamaw River will continue to rise until it crests on Friday. Until then, flooding will occur along Business 501 and Highway 905, with waters levels of one feet affecting nearly 20 homes in the Savannah Bluff area.

The flood waters will affect the Lees Landing, Pitch Landing and Riverfront South communities and homes on Oak Street in Conway.

Even though the water is rising, neighbors of the Waccamaw River don't the flooding in their yards is their worst problem.

"The Fourth of July, you have a lot of boats. So, every time one went by, more water went into my yard," explained Winona Ray, who lives on the Waccamaw River.

Boats rocking the river are leaving more than just wake behind them. "When the boats go by, it makes waves and has the water going further into my yard," expressed Ray.

"It'd be nice if boater were considerate around the docks, and yards. Be more considerate of the property owners, you've got decks at a fragile state," agreed neighbor Ronald Stalvey.

Stalvey said he has lost over 20 feet of his backyard.

Neighbors said the good news is that after the river crests, it will start to go back to normal.

"Hopefully it will pull back out to the river, go down into the ground," said Ray.

The Lumber River in North Carolina crested at 16 feet Monday, and the waters will slowly recede over the next few days, the NWS forecasts.

The Pee Dee and Little Pee Dee are flooding mainly swamps and farmlands and logging operations, says Storm Team Meteorologist Jamie Arnold.

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