Bicyclist hit by vehicle, pulled out from under car

Robert Louis Doss. Photo Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department
Robert Louis Doss. Photo Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Emergency responders say a woman was sent to the hospital after being hit by a car and dragged 60 feet down Kings Highway. Now, the driver of the vehicle is facing DUI charges.

Robert Luis Doss, 75-years-old from Bristol, VA was arrested for DUI, after the officer who arrived on scene smelled alcohol on his breath, according to the police report from the Myrtle Beach Police Department. The report also states that Doss failed sobriety tests, and was taken to the police station where he refused to give a breath sample.

The 20-year-old woman is expected to be ok, but is suffering from a few broken bones along with road rash, according to Cpl. Kevin Cast with the MBPD Traffic Division.

It is a tricky wreck because both the driver of the vehicle and the woman on her bike contributed to the accident, meaning both of them are at fault.

According to Cpl. Cast, the woman was riding on the sidewalk in the wrong direction.

"As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't be riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, and you should be going with the flow of traffic, not against it," explained Cpl. Cast.

The driver of the Jeep told police he was turning right onto the northbound lanes of Kings Highway. Police believe around the same time, the bicyclist was coming towards the car, heading south.

"Typically, when you are turning right, you are looking left towards on-coming traffic. As he was turning, he did not look right and didn't see the woman on her bike," said Cpl. Cast.

The accident shut down the north bound lanes of Kings Highway by Mr. Joe White Avenue, but the road is opened back up to traffic.

Her bike was still on the scene while emergency responders worked, along with a silver Jeep with out of state license plates.

Emergency responders had the driver's side of the Jeep lifted up off of the ground, and one police officer explained they were doing this because the woman was underneath the engine area. She was dragged under the car for 20 yards, according to the MBPD.

One officer said she was conscious and talking when she was rescued from underneath the vehicle and immediately sent to the hospital.

Emergency Responders blocked the area until they cleared the scene, but had to tow the Jeep away before opening it back up to the public.

According to Cpl. Cast, the driver will be facing a DUI charge. Pending an investigation, additional charges may be coming.

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