More Grand Strand businesses adopting indoor smoking ban

MYRTLE BEACH (SC) – In the midst of summer tourist season, some restaurants are making some changes for the busiest time of the year, including Bummz Beach Café in Myrtle Beach, which has banned smoking inside the restaurant starting May 1.

Mary Becker has waited tables at Bummz Beach Café for several years and said, surprisingly, the response from customers has been mostly positive.  Becker said in previous years, the restaurant would lose customers because smoking was allowed inside.

"Parents with their children left all the time because we had nowhere where they could sit that wasn't smoking," added Becker.  "We don't have anyone that leaves because they can't smoke inside."

Becker said some of her employees had to quit because the smoking posed a health problem.

"We've had a few girls that were pregnant and had to quit because of the cigarette smoke, but one of them came back," said Becker.

Bummz Beach Café will still allow smoking on its property, but customers must do that outside on the beachside patio.

In North Myrtle Beach, customers are not allowed to light up a cigarette inside a bar or restaurant, and in Surfside Beach, smoking is banned from inside public buildings.  However in Myrtle Beach, it is up to the restaurants and establishments to make their own ruling on whether or not to allow smoking indoors.

Myrtle Beach city spokesperson Mark Kruea said at this moment, there are no plans to implement a city-wide ban on smoking inside certain buildings.

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