Myrtle Beach Motel shut down after water is turned off

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Dozens of people were kicked out of the Golden Sands Motel in Myrtle Beach Wednesday evening. Now, several of the motel's former occupants said they're left homeless.

"We have nowhere to go. It's 4th of July week. It's crazy. We have to live in a tent," DJ Setters said.

Setters was one of the occupants kicked out Wednesday.

The occupants were forced to leave because the motel's lease owner turned off the water to the entire motel. Myrtle Beach Spokesperson Mark Kruea said it's against the law for anyone to stay anywhere that doesn't have water or sanitation.

"I just needed a little bit of notice so I could make preparations to you know have a place to shower tonight," Setters said.

Setters said among those living at the motel were elderly people, Vietnam veterans and families with small children.

"People that contribute to society, that go to work every day. I really think it's unfair. They should've at least given us a couple weeks," Setters said.

Last Friday, the Horry County Sheriff's Office gave an eviction notice to the motel's lease owner. The reason for the eviction notice was unclear at the time this story was published.

The notice meant all occupants had to leave too, but the HCSO gave all the occupants until July 12th to leave, so initially the occupants were given a notice.

Kruea said the owner of the property had the option to turn the water back on, but chose not to.

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