As people hit the beach, first responders prepare for emergencies

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF)- Just as thousands of tourists pack the beaches up and down the Grand Strand for the holiday weekend, first responders are also gearing up for what could be a busy few days.

In fact, the Murrells Inlet-Garden City Fire District responded to several calls in just a few hours, kicking off a busy start to the morning on Independence Day.

Assistant Fire Chief J-R Haney said the district will respond to calls ranging from a wide variety of emergencies.

"We get a large variety of calls," Haney said.  "You're going to see heat-related medical calls, we're going to get calls for firework-related injuries, brush fires, and dunes fires - everything related to the fireworks."

Haney said the crews are ready after preparing for just about anything.

"Thankfully we have done this a number of times so we have a good routine down pat and we're staffed and ready for it," Added Haney.

When asked if this will be the busiest time of the year for emergency calls, Haney compared it to being about on the same level as activity during Bike Week.

"It's going to be quite steady," he said.

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