Consider This: Independence Day

We're celebrating Independence Day, but as we celebrate this important event it seems that part our freedom is threatened.

Consider This:

Back in 1776 when John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, there is no way our forefathers could have imagined the United States we live in today.

Consider This:

I believe they would be proud of many of our accomplishments and celebrate the diversity of this American melting pot. They would be amazed at the industrial and technological advances. They would be in awe of the growth of our nation, which now exceeds 300 million people.

However, I believe they would also be disappointed. Disappointed in the way we have treated many of our fellow Americans. Disappointed in the way many of our elected officials have mismanaged their responsibilities. And disappointed that much of our freedom and privacy is compromised.

So as you enjoy this summer celebration of our independence take a minute to think about how fortunate we are to call America home. And also think about what we can do to make sure the freedoms we enjoy today are still in place for the next generation.

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