Competitor eats 49 cupcakes to win Croissants' Cupcake Contest

Winner David Hester unwraps a cupcake.
Winner David Hester unwraps a cupcake.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – It wasn't a competition for the weak of stomach - Croissants held its Second Annual Fourth of July Cupcake Eating Contest Thursday afternoon.

David Hester ate a whopping 34 cupcakes in five minutes, but the problem was, he tied with another eater. He had to down 15 more cupcakes in a sudden death to win the competition. He won a $2,000 prize pack from various local vendors.

The contest was open to participants over 18 years old, and is part of a day-long 4th of July Celebration at the Myrtle Beach bistro and bakery.

Guests at the event included Sharkee from Ripley's Aquarium, performers from The Palace Theater, and more.

Last year's winner, Carolina Forest Elementary School Principal Dennis Devorick, ate an whopping 19 cupcakes in five minutes. Organizer's said this year's competition doubled in size.

WMBF News held a mini-contest Wednesday, with news producer Matt Moore besting reporter Will Whitson and chief operations manager Drew Hanson by eating four cupcakes in just 90 seconds.

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