Some area hotels say "guests only" for 4th, some open to public

Hotel security

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Big crowds at the beach for July 4th means crowded hotels, but many hotels are actually taking on extra security this holiday to keep some people out.

"You never know who walks in off the beach," said former hotel security officers Jeffrey Singleton. "You got a lot of people's personal belongings lying around."

Many hotels are trying to keep people from entering their pool decks during July 4th festivities, as well as keeping motorists out of hotel parking lots.

However, some beachfront hotels say non-guests are vital to business on their pool decks and bars. The Hotel Blue runs Mixx, a swim-up pool bar that's open to the public. Marketing Director Matt Klugman says the business brought in by locals and guests at other hotels is vital to the pool deck's success.

Other hotels, like The Sandcastle further up Ocean Boulevard, welcome the public to their pool deck and cabana bar.

"We do get some people that do walk up off the beach," said bartender Brandon Barron. Barron says they offer a service other nearby hotels do not. He says many guests from other hotels either see the bar, or hear about it, and come up to visit.

"We want to welcome as many people as we can," he said. "If they want to walk up and have a drink, they're more than welcome to."

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