Florence crews working to keep roadways safe amid recent rainfall

Florence flooding

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Recent rainfalls have caused damage to some area roadways, but Florence County Public Works crews say they are making sure they keep the roadways safe.

"The rain that we have had here lately has just been unbelievable," said Jerry Allen, Florence County Public Works.  "And the ditches will fill up, but they will eventually run down. It's just going to take time to do it. Patience is what everybody's got to have,"

On Thursday, Florence County Public Works Crews spent the day making repairs to some of the counties' roads.

Turn Gate Road was on the roads that suffered damage due to flooded ditches.

Crews poured around eight yards of dirt over the area that had sustained the most damage, and scraped the area to make sure it was well compacted.

"These heavy rains and stuff is filling the ditches up and it's having to come across the road at the lowest point," said Allen. "If a pipe is stopped up that's where it's going to come across."

Allen added that any garbage or yard debris that gets into to ditches can cause blockages, resulting in flooding.

Residents are encouraged to contact the public works department if there is flooding on local roadways.

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